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  • John Hultgren

KAPA Meets With Congressmen

Members of the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association in cooperation with the American Ambulance Association and the Kentucky Board of EMS traveled to Washington, DC, for a very busy and productive day on November 16, 2022, of meetings with the Kentucky Legislative Delegation regarding pending budgetary changes in the reimbursement in Medicare Extenders scheduled to expire at the end of December.

Maria Bianchi, Executive Director of the American Ambulance Association in regards to the participation and efforts of the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association, said “The Kentucky Association knows how to lobby and help. We wish every state had the same unity and ability to assist us the way Kentucky does.”

The KAPA representatives were well received in every meeting, are hopeful that our efforts within the meetings will have a positive impact for all providers in the Commonwealth.

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